1963-12-10 Mouth Rise

12/10/1963 "The Mouth Shall Rise Again"

12/10/1963 - [TV ep. 13.11] "The Mouth Shall Rise Again" Deadeye GS: Martha Raye, Melodye Condos (introducing)

Pre-opening: Piano player with key cover down

Opening: Dog, Seagulls

Mime: "Little Old Veterinarian"

Dance: "The Doddling Song"

Deadeye sends out for mail-order brides.

Music: "Gone With the Wind", "Teacher's Pet", "Love" (melody)

Silent Spot: "The New Roommate" Bookish Red gets a athlete college roommate (Peter Lupus)

Note: Next week guest annouces as Raymond Burr, the Kessler Twins and Erving the Chicken Hearted. Originally schedule to air 11/26/1963?

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Martha Raye shows up in a "Sheriff Deadeye" comedy sketch. Tired of her job as a laundress, Martha answers an advertisement for mail-order brides-only to discover that her groom-to-be is disreputable desert rat Deadeye (Red Skelton). Tonight's musical guest is singer Melodye Condos, Martha Raye's daughter. The episode originally slated for December 10, 1963, featuring Cesar Romero (04/10) and the singing Womenfolk (03/10), was cancelled due to schedule conflicts, though both guest stars appeared later in the season.

{Video [1]}

  1. (DVD) Classic Comedy Collector's Series (box set 69912-9), Brentwood #60991-9

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