1965-01-19 Wretch


01/19/1965 -
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Boxing champ Archie Moore joins Red Skelton in a "George Appleby" comedy sketch. The premise: Archie agrees to a fight with George's pet bear (played by celebrated animal imitator Janos Prohaska). After the sketch, British vocalist Shani Wallis provides the musical entertainment. In the Silent Spot, a dogged detective (Red) pursues an elusive fugitive. This episode aired January 19, 1965.

{Video [1] [2] [3]}

  1. (VHS) Archie Moore (box set DEC), Diamond Entertainment #18028-1
  2. (VHS) Archie Moore (box set), MM&V #35453
  3. (DVD) TV Classics Volume four (box set 4 DVD set), Platinum #07199

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