Title When Nuthood Was in Flower
Airdate-Episode 1966/01/04 15.16
Character Forsooth
Guest Star(s) Melton Berle; Linda Bennett "I'm Nobody's Baby" and "Limehouse Blues".

Jokes: Weather.

Mime: California weather


Skelton and Berle are torture devices salemen that become entertainers for warriors in the field.

Silent Spot: A card player tries to get a fouth for bridge.

Comedian Milton Berle and new singing discovery Linda Bennett are Red Skelton's guests in this broadcast from January 4, 1966. In the comedy sketch "When Nut-Hood Was in Flower", Duke No-Good of Anasthesia (Milton) purchases a selection of torture devices from Forsooth (Red), a sales representative from Max Fracture (Jan Arvan). Henry Gordon plays the King. In the musical segment, Linda Bennett performs "I'm Nobody's Baby" and "Limehouse Blues". And in the Silent Spot, homeowner Red tries to take down the Christmas tree. by Hal Erickson

Cast Henry Cordon - King; Jan Arvan - Max Fracture; Grady Sutton; Chanin Hale


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