01/18/1966 - "A Concert in Pantomime" GS: Marcel Marceau

Mime: "A Woman Driver" (RS), "Marcel Marceau Flies a Kite", "Looking at the New Baby" (RS), "Bip Goes to an Audition", "The Fisherman and the Little Boy" (RS), "The Prize Fighters" (RS), "Marcel Marceau as the Sculptor", "The Circus Performer" (MM), "The Astronaut" (RS)

"The Miracle of the Dolls" Parents give dolls to a little girl to make her smile but it does not happen. The dolls come alive at night and a miracle happens.

Cast: Christine Matchett - Little Girl, Nancy Howard - Mother, Ross Ford - Father, Melanie Alexander - Female Doll.

{Video [1]}

  1. (VHS) Television Classics, Nostalgia Family Video

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