TV ep. 15.18 A Concert in Pantomime >

1966-01-25 Price Psy

Opening Jokes: Army. Camp Roberts. Texas. Valentina Palm Springs Rodeo Queen.

Mime: Prospector and Rattlesnake

Dance: Continental

Cast: Shirley Mitchell - Clara. Lou Krugman; Ida Mae McKenzie; Jimmy Cross; Buddy Lewis

George and Clara go to a psychiatrist.

Silent Spot: Composer in a remote cabin.

1966-01-29 Val Rodeo TV

Note: Harry Kelly, cue card boy, drafted.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson
Vincent Price joins Red Skelton in a "George Appleby" comedy sketch. At the insistence of Clara Appleby (Shirley Mitchell), door-to-door psychiatrist Sigmund Fraud (Vincent) treats Clara's husband George (Red), who is convinced that he's turned into a butterfly! Musical guestsThe Supremes (with Diana Ross) sing "Rockabye Your Baby" and "Mother Dear.". In the Silent Spot, a composer (Red) vainly seeks solitude so he can write his next masterpiece. This episode aired January 25, 1966.

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