The Fastest Cuspidor in the West
Season 16, Episode 13, Program 13
1966-12-13 Goulet
Air date 1966/12/13
Character Deadeye
Guest Star Robert Goulet
Cast Stanley Adams - A.C. Director/Store Manager
Patrick Campbell
Bob Duggan
Ned Romero
Beverly Hills
Ida Mae McKenzie
Episode guide
TV ep. 16.12 Better Dead Than Wed
TV ep. 16.14

Opening: Christmas, Christmas poem for Washington D.C.

Mime: Making egg nog and a cat

Music: "The Moment of Truth".

Deadeye auditions for a western movie.

Guest Tag: Red gives Robert Goulet a record album and painting.

Music: "Try to Remember"

Silent Spot: "Tis the Season to be Jolly" A grumpy old salesman is transfered to the toy department.

Video releaseEdit


  1. Red Skelton Vol. 3 The Red Skelton Hour 1966 CBS

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