Title The Nag and I
Airdate-Episode 1967/05/09 16.31
Character Appleby
Guest Star(s) Nipsey Russell

Jokes: Beach; Willy Dahl

Mime: Dog on the beach.


Appleby is a fired CBS page. Nipsey is a fired police officer. They form a comedy team. 

Silent Spot: Cricket catcher for a magician's wife.

Comedian Nipsey Russell and singer Lana Cantrell join Red Skelton for his final program of the 1966-67 TV season. In a "George Appleby" comedy sketch, George (Red) forms a song-and-dance team with ex-cop Nipsey. Lana Cantrellperforms "I'm All Smiles" and "Let Yourself Go". And in the Silent Spot, Red works as a cricket catcher for a "magical insect" vaudeville act. This episode was originally telecast on May 9, 1967 by Hal Erickson

Cast Mary Wickes - Clara; Milton Frome; Len Weinrib; Herb Vigran; Jonathan Harper; Winnie Coffin; Bill Shannon


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