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1968-01-30 Fairy Tales

01/30/1968 "Fairy Tales for Old Children"

01/30/1968 - [TV ep. 17.20] "Fairy Tales for Old Children"

GS: Cyril Ritchard - Aladdin/Beast/Witch, Jane Powell - Natasha/Mrs. Peter Peter Pumking Eater/Beauty/Sleeping Beauty

Opening: Junior tells stories to his little baby brother Gregory.

Dance: "Three Blind Mice" (Jane Powell)

Act 1: "Aladdin" Forsooth as the Genie

Silent Spot: "Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater"

Act 2: "Rip Van Winkle"

Music: "Beauty and the Beast"

Act 3: "Sleeping Beauty" Junior

Cast: David Sharpe, Dick Winslow, Eve Brent, Janos Prohaska, Randy Whipple, Brad Trumbull, Ruth Scott

Note: Red Skelton Special. Next week annouced Terry-Thomas, Shani Wallis, McPugg, Bolivar

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  1. Film Fun

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