Guest Tag: "The Two of Us" [1]

Olio Spot: "Two Drunks at Bar"

Silent Spot: "The Nervous Wreck"

Cast: Jan Arvan - Bartender, Jimmy Cross - Drunk

Note: Show #0804, VTR: 9/9-10/11 [2]

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Still riding high in the ratings after 17 seasons on television, Red Skelton launched Season Number 18 on September 24, 1968 with the help of guest stars Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Ed Sullivan. In a musical spoof of monster movies, Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) is mistaken for an experimental robot by a pair of mad scientists (Boris and Vincent), who sing "The Two of Us". This episode features two TV firsts: The first network appearance of singer Spanky Wilson, who performs "Alfie" and "Apartment 101", and the introduction of the new weekly feature "The Olio Spot," wherein Red and his guests recreate old vaudeville routines. In another highlight, the Singers and Dancers perform the ensemble number "Nola". The program ends with the traditional Silent Spot, in which Red plays a man disturbed by loud noises.

> TV ep. 18.02


Photos from The Vincent Price Exhibit


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  2. Script

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