1969-12-02 Leigh Wedding
Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

On this December 2, 1969 telecast, Janet Leigh appears opposite Red Skelton in two-count 'em, two-comedy sketches. In the first, Clem Kadiddlehopper (Red) is courted by hillbilly gal Daisy June (Janet); [Clip [1]] in the second, Clara Appleby (Janet) browbeats husband George (Red) into asking for a raise. [Clip [2]The Mills Brothers sing "Cab Driver" and "Nevertheless", then join the Jimmy Joyce Singers and Tom Hansen Dancers for "Paper Doll", while the Singers and Dancers team up for "Happy Heart". In the Silent Spot, Red is cast as a clumsy demolitions "expert."

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  1. The Collector Edition
  2. The Collector Edition

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