Blood is Thicker Than Water and Harder to Shave With
Season 19, Episode 24, Program 0917
1970-03-10 Blood
Air date 1970/03/10
Character Deadeye
Guest Star Vincent Price

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

Cast -
Episode guide
TV ep. 19.23
TV ep. 19.25

Deadeye's brother tries to get him a parole. [1]

Silent Spot: "The Born Loser" [1]

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson

Vincent Price joins Red Skelton in a "Sheriff Deadeye" comedy sketch. Hoping to be paroled from jail, Deadeye (Red) puts his fate in the hands of his attorney brother Clarence Narrow (Vincent). Kenny Rogers and the First Edition sing "Something's Burning" and "Reuben James". In the Silent Spot, a chronic gambler (Red) loses his shirt in a gambling casino. This episode aired March 10, 1970.

Note: Show #0917, VTR: 1/5-6-7. [2] VTR: 2/26-27 [3]

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