Freddie's Desperate Hour
Season 20, Episode 02, Program 20.02
1970-09-21 Burr
Air date 1970/09/21
Character Freddie the Freeloader
Guest Star Raymond Burr
Barbara Anderson
Dean Martin (cameo)
Cast Jan Arvan
Jim Connell
Florence Lake
Brad Logan
Mickey Manners
Jack Riley
Peggy Rea
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.01 The Magic Act
TV ep. 20.03 Superman and Son
Opening: Wife's driving, Women's lib (blackouts), Seagulls. Ed Wynn

Act 1: Humperdoo invents amnesia potion.

Act 2: Convict hideout in Freddie's shack.

Silent Spot: "The Remodeling Job"

Script Note: Filmed 08/15/1970 [1]. Silent Spot listed as Show #3 and #5 on copy of script.


In Color (box set 3 DVD), Timeless #62024

Best of the Red Skelton Show Episode 2, Voxcorp #22522-7 (Opening)

Best of the Red Skelton Show Episode 1, Voxcorp #22522-7 (Freddie)

  1. Program 08/15/1970

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