GS: Mike Conners
Season 20, Episode 04, Program 04
1970-10-05 Connors
Air date 10/05/1970
Character Clem Kiddlehopper
Ludwig Von Humperdoo
Guest Star Mike Conners
Johnny Carson (cameo)
Robin Wilson
Cast Jan Arvan
Jim Connell
Mickey Manners
Jack Riley
Carol Wayne
Carol Worthington
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.03 Superman and Son
TV ep. 20.05 The Bad Guys and the Good Girls

Opening: Crime, Gangster office (blackout), Deathrow (blackout), Seagulls [1]

Mime: Mouse stealing cheese [1]

Music: "I Got To Be Me". Robin Wilson dubs the singing voice for a star.

Act 1: Humperdoo plans to attack Playboy with rabbits.

Act 2: Mike Conners teaches Red how to be a detective. Clem protects a witness. [1]



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