The Census Taker
Season 20, Episode 06, Program 06
Air date 10/19/1970
Character Clem Kiddlehopper
Guest Star Gene Barry
Cast -
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.05 The Bad Guys and the Good Girls
TV ep. 20.07 Hiring the Secretary

Opening: Sex Education, Sunset Strip Hippies, Seagulls

Mime: "Towel problem"

Silent Spot: "The Taxidermist" Gene Barry, who when this episode aired on October 19, 1970 was one of the three rotating stars on NBC's The Name of the Game, is Red Skelton's guest. In a "Clem Kadiddlehopper" comedy sketch, census taker Clem (Red) finds himself in the middle of a domestic quarrel. And in the Silent Spot, Red plays a taxidermist saddled with a contentious mother-in-law. by Hal Erickson


In Color (box set 3 DVD), Timeless #62024

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