The Yatch Club
Season 20, Episode 11, Program 11
1970-12-07 Rich boy
Air date 12/07/1970
Character San Fernando Red
Guest Star Michael Landon
Cast -
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.10 Humperdoo GS: Mickey Rooney
TV ep. 20.12 The Stagecoach Hijack

Opening: New Cars, Women Drivers

Mime: Small Car at a Drive-In

Silent Spot: "The Old Man Who Hated Kids" Mr. Haight

San Fernando tries to get money from the richest boy in the world.

Cast: Bob Duggan, Adam Kaufman, Billy Barty, Linda Sue Risk Note: Scheduled to air 11/02/1070 [1]


In Color (box set 3 DVD set), Timeless #62034

  1. Erickson

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