The Stagecoach Hijack
Season 20, Episode 12, Program 20.12
1970-12-14 Hijack
Air date 12/15/1970
Character Deadeye, Pops
Guest Star Telly Savalas
Cast Jan Arvan - Bartender/Shoe shine customer
Ellen Korby - Old Woman
Gil Stuart
Pat Campbell
Linda Sue Risk - Daughter
Victoria Carrel
Episode guide
TV ep. 20.11 The Yatch Club
TV ep. 20.13 The Red Skelton Christmas Show

Opening: Christmas spirit; Visit to Santa (Junior); Seagulls

Mime: Shoplifter

Act 1: Deadeye suspects Tex (Telly Savalas) is a hijacker of stagecoachs to Mexico.

1970-12-14 Gift

Linda Sue Risk

Silent Spot: "The Gift of Giving"

Red is Pop's shoe shinner that finds a wallet and given a reward. He used the money to help a mother and daughter.


In Color (box set 3 DVD set), Timeless #62034

Best of the Red Skelton Show Christmas Show, Voxcorp #22522-7

Video releaseEdit

"The Gift of Giving" [1]

TV ep. 20.11 > < TV ep. 20.13

  1. Red_Skelton_Christmas_2006_(Video_release)

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