1971-02-01 Cox

02/01/1971 "Freddie's Country Home"

02/01/1971 - [TV ep. 20.18] "Freddie's County Home"

GS: Eva Gabor, Wally Cox

Opening: Exercise, Diet, Seagulls

Mime: "Carrot diet"

A rich woman wants to help out hobos.

Silent Spot: "The Greasy Spoon Cafe"


In Color (box set 3 DVD set), Timeless #62044

Best of the Red Skelton Show Episode 3, Voxcorp #22522-7 (Opening/Mime)

Best of the Red Skelton Show Episode 2, Voxcorp #22522-7 (Freddie, Silent Spot)

TV ep. 20.17 > < TV ep. 20.19

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