22522-7 Voxcorp (c) 2004 (DVD 3 Disc Set) Disc 1

Episode 1
Monologue, "Freddie's Desperate Hour", Silent Spot: "The Magic Act", Detective Sketch, Silent Spot: "Keep Romance Alive", "Hopperdew's (sic) Magic Tire", Closing
Episode 2
Monologue, "Freddie's Country Home", Silent Spot: "The Greasy Spoon Cafe", "The Garage Sale", Silent Spot: "The Clumsy Stockboy in the Teddy Bear Factory", "Junior and Sanday Morning", Silent Spot: "Diamond Tim Brady" Closing
Episode 3
Monologue, "Instant Marriage Mill", Silent Spot: "The Barber", "The Census Taker", Silent Spot: "Girl Ahoy", "The Auction", Silent Spot: "The Lady Who Sees Her Husband in Everybody", Closing
Episode 4
Monologue, "Charity Begins at Home-But Nowadays Who Can Afford a Home? ", Silent Spot: "Waiting for a Bus", "The Subjects Was Painters", End.

Disc 2

Episode 5
Monologue, Silent Spot: "The Summer Resort Showoff", "Be it Ever So Crumbled There's No Place Like Home", Valentine's Day Song, Silent Spot: "The Picnic", Finale
Episode 6
Monologue, Silent Spot: "Trying to Lose Weight", "Blood is Thicker Than Water-And Harder to Shave With", Silent Spot: "The Born Loser", Finale
Episode 7
Monologue, "People Who Like People Are Cannibals", Silent Spot: "Boomerangs and Housework Don't Mix", "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man-But You Can Try", Finale

Disc 3

The Red Skelton Christmas show

The Stagecoach Hijack, The Red Skelton Chrismas Show

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