2016 1955-1958
The Best of the Early Years 1955-1958

2016 Short! Factory SF 16653 (May 2016 release) 

Disc 1:

Smithers & McGurk Go to Australia

Red Joins the Foreign Legion

Phantom of the Ballet

Cookie and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Lamb to Lion

Clem vs. the Mad Scientist

Dance Marathon

Public Pigeon

McPugg's Comeback

The Atomic Sailor

Disc 2:

Freddie Finds a Headlight

San Fernando's Showboat

Freddie and the Brooklyn Dodgers

Appleby's Cake

Deadeye the Outlaw

Willie on the Wagon

Clem the Bullfighter

Cauliflower's Hamburger Stand

San Fernando's Fullibuster

Bolivar and the Lost Patrol

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