1992 - The Dini Petty Show. [1] [2] Iris Award "Best International Show of the Year".

  1. Age 78. Daily routine. Painting. Says he is 80. Started in Shea's theatre in Canada. Bell ringer story.
  2. Jewelry. Clown paintings. Appearing at the Okey (sic) Center. Lothian. Braces for over 48 years.
  3. Release of video tapes. HBO. Current comics. Ed Wynn story.
  4. Red's characters. Seagulls. Johnny Carson.
  5. FDR. Biography. Road show.
  6. Telephones. Fear of fire and water.
  1. The Best of Red Skelton 9 (DVD), "Getting Personal", Voxcorp 2002 (no ads)
  2. Getting Personal, KALYN 2002(VHS with ads).

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