The Fuller Brush Man
1948 Fuller Brush Man staff


05/12/1948 MGM


Red Jones


Janet Blair


S. Sylvan Simon


Roy Huggins (story)
Frank Tashlin
Devery Freeman

THE FULLER BRUSH MAN was a major movie for Red. MGM was having much luck with is last couple of films. They loaned Red out to Columbia pictures. This reunited him with his director from the Whislter films. S. Sylvan Simon was able to bring out Red's comic talent. Also Columbia had a reputation for comedy with the Three Stooges shorts. This film was supported by the Fuller Brush Company. Promotional items were givin out and they worked with Red's radio sponsor.

Red played a timid good guy loser again. This time he a was a fellow that could not keep a job. He has a girlfriend that believes in him and she gets him a job as a Fuller Brush Man. There are bits when a rival send him to the worst houses on the block. At one house he meets his radio co-star Vernon Felton. She plays her radio role as Grandma to Junior. Red ends up at house of former boss that fired him. The boss is murdered and Red is a suspect. Red finds out the one of his brushes was used as the murder weapon. He ends up in a war surplus warehouse and is being chased by the bad guys. Unique physical comedy happens.

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