Episodes of clips from TV show released to PBS. From the Golden Age of Television. (c) 2001

Featuring Willie Lump Lump

Monologue (Academy Awards 1952), "Topsy Turvy", "Corn on the Cob", "Debt of a Salesman", "It's Magic"

Featuring Freddie the Freeloader

Monologue (01/1952?), Weeping J. Newton Numbskull interview,

Featuring Clem Kiddlehopper

Monologue (Seagulls not with Herman), Walking up the Street, Putnam vs. Beaverhead, "Radio & TV Sound Effects", "Lt. Muscle & Big Jim"

Featuring Freddie the Freeloader

Baseball season, "Freddie at the Racetrack", "Parking and Sparking", "Freddie at the Hospital"

Featuring Willie Lump Lump and Cauliflower McPugg

Monologue, "The Transcontinental", Drug Store, "Imagine What's Cooking", "The Lost Patrol"

Featuring Cauliflower McPugg

First cigar, "The Mechanical Man", "Shore Leave", "Fancy Footwork"

Featuring Clem, McPugg, Willie

Music Store, "Willie Lump Lump Paints a Room", "People at the Theatre"

Featuring Clem

Watching a fight, Clem selling real estate, Chef Baloney, Clem book

Featuring McPugg

David Rose intro; Eisenhower and Taff; Russian ambassador; People getting into bed; "Weeping in the Mountains"; "Folding Boy"; Thanks critics.

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