Title Red Skelton, Florence Henderson
Airdate-Episode 07/11/1975
Character Humperdoo
Host Johnny Carson

Johnny talks about the first time he met Red Skelton. Clip from local show "Carson's Coffee Break ". Talk about Johnny hosting the Red Skelton show, painting, Ed Wynn story, talk about working on a motion picture.

Humperdoo care for a baby.

Today's comics. Coloring Books. Johnny tells writing jokes for Red. Seagulls story. Deadeye joke. Gene Folwer. Frank joke (FDR). Presidents Ford letter.

Conducts "Red's White and Blue March" Minny(?) Harmon assitant.

Mime: The Astronaut.

Talks with Florence Henderson. Gift of cigars. 

Note/Video [1]

Title Red Skelton
Airdate-Episode 120/06/1983
Character Junior. Clem. Seagulls. 
Host Johnny Carson

Johnny tells first meeting Red Skelton story. Middle name story. Uncle Tom shows. Cirgars. Johnny writing for Red Skelton.  

Jokes: Brook Sheilds.


  1. Personal collection

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