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Valentina Skelton
Red Skelton's daughter





1947/05/05 - Born: Valentina Marie (Named Glory Gay [1]) Dr. Irving Leroy Ress M.D.

School: St. Martin of Tours (private Catholic School, West Los Angeles) [2]. Emerson Junior High School, West Los Angeles



1959/12 - Hosted a TV showing of "The Wizard of Oz" with Red Skelton.

1963/07 - "Meet Valentina Skelton, California Teen-Ager" [3]

1965 - Graduates from Palm Spring High School.

1966 - College of the Desert (Palm Spring).

Art Coleman, college friend. [4]
1966-01-29 Val Rodeo TV

01/29/1966 Palm Springs Rodeo Queen

1966/01/29 - Queen of the Palm Spring Rodeo. [5]

1967/11 - "The Night Dad & I Found Each Other!" [6]

Valentina Carlos


1969/07/14 - Married restaurant executive Carlos Jose Alonso, age 29, from Madrid, Spain. Alonso family from Seville Spain and Argentine. [7] 1970/08/23 - Born: Sabrina Alonso

1972/06 - Divorce. [8]


Valentina at the opening of the Red Skelton Museum, Vincennes, IN 07/18/2013

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