01.12 12/15/1951 "Clean Politics", 01.13 1951/12/21 "The Skelton's at Home", 01.14 1951/12/30 "Learn to Dance" (becoming Willie), 02.?? "Clean Fighter", 02.?? "Shore Leave", 02.08 1952/11/16 "GI McPugg", 04.25 1955/03/08 "Look Awards", 09.31 06/14/1960 "The Many Skeltons", 11.19 01/30/1962 - "The Many Skeltons in Las Vegas", 12/27/1967 - [TV] The Jonathan Winters Show

Episode GalleryEdit

Mrs. Lump-LumpEdit

Virginia Grey (05.06 11/01/1955 - "Halloween Show")

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